Beehive Style Compost Bin Plans

Beehive Style Compost Bin Plans

These beehive style compost bin plans make it easy to build with simple tools and readily available materials.

Beehive Compost Bin Plans

My wife and I hate the look of the big black plastic compost bins. Also, we were worried about flies and vermin with open compost bins. So I designed and built this beehive-style compost bin.

Ugly compost bins
This is what we didn’t want in our garden
Beehive Compost Bin
My design of beehive compost bin

Now, for the first time, I’ve decided to publish and sell plans for one of my projects.

If you’re looking for a useful and simple first project that looks great. You just found it. My highly detailed instructions cover a lot of basic techniques and skills. The plans are clear and concise.

A great, stylish and easy to build DIY Beehive Style Compost Bin. Included, are plans to make compost bins in both imperial or metric measurements.

Beautiful, durable, and functional. These easy to follow, and extremely detailed step-by-step plans can have you complete your compost bin project in just one day.

Make your compost bins from ordinary, inexpensive, and easy-to-work with 3/4in x 6in (18mm x 144mm) and 1in x 1in (25mm x 25mm) softwood timber. They look great anywhere, no unsightly wooden pen with an old bit of carpet thrown over the top.

Having a garden compost bin is invaluable when it comes to growing healthy vegetables and flowers. These easy to build, attractive DIY compost bins are perfect for making great compost.

Here is what one of my customers said about the plans she purchased.

Etsy review of beehive compost bin plans

Making Perfect Compost

If you want perfect compost and you enjoy a bit of woodwork, these are the compost bins your you.

A compost bin needs to be big enough to generate and hold heat for decomposition. However, it also needs to be small enough to be able to easily turn and maintain.

The first rule of composting is that a compost heap must be big enough to create the heat needed.

It must be easy to turn and maintain. Our layered system creates the optimum compost heap. Easy, lift the layers off to turn the compost either into a second bin or within the same one.

The second rule of composting is to provide for good airflow. Therefore, the layered design has small vents between the layers allowing for just enough air to circulate.

When you need to use your perfect compost, simply lift the layers off and it’s right there for the taking.

The tough construction will hold up for years and years of composting.

Inside Beehive Compost Bin
Inside the beehive compost bin

Beehive Compost Bin Details

The finished beehive compost bin measures 24in x 24in x 29in tall (600mm x 600mm x 700mm) and is made with just (7) 3/4in x 6in x 8ft (18mm x 144mm x 2400mm) boards and a single 1in x 1in x 8ft (25mm x 25mm x 2400mm) board. Can be built in a day with ease and only a few basic tools.

Plans Details

Plans include 29 pages of easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Plus 15 detailed and dimensioned drawings covering both imperial and metric measurements and materials. Also, you can contact me directly for help and advice. Licenced to build up to four bins.

Get the plans instantly from my Etsy store.

For more information and links to the tools I use, you can visit my resources page.

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