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About Grant Crawley

About Grant Crawley

I am Grant Crawley, this is my website and below is a bit about me.

Grant Crawley

For my day job I work as a computer field service engineer. It’s about as rewarding as poking a stick in your eye. So outside work I’m trying to build up a business doing something I love, in the hope that it will eventually be able to pay the bills and allow me to leave the rat race behind.

Back in  1989 I studied Art & Design at St. Helens College, and the original plan was to go to Manchester Polytechnic to study Industrial Design. I was accepted on the course I really wanted to do at Manchester, and then absolutely hated it. The course wasn’t anything like I imagined, and I could do nothing right for my lecturers. So I dropped out, and went to Liverpool John Moores University instead. Where I graduated in Technology Management. However, my heart is still in design, and making things.

I have no doubt I will utilise my IT skills in the new venture. Though, the main aim is to design and make functional and aesthetically pleasing items and then sell them to discerning customers. Or sell plans for other people to make the things I’ve designed. I don’t restrict myself to any one medium, the function will determine what an item should be made of.

My workshop is tiny, it’s about 2/3 of a single car garage or 100ft² / 9m². It’s packed with tools and machinery and a workbench I started to build back in 2003, and I’m still building it.

If you are interested to see the tools I use and the books I read then please check out my resources page.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I really hope you find it useful.

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