Grant Crawley

Designed in England

Lie-Nielsen Imperial Bevel Edge Socket Chisels

Lie-Nielsen Imperial Bevel Edge Chisels

Based on the Stanley 750 bevel edge socket chisels. These Lie-Nielsen version of the chisels are an absolute pleasure to use, the handles feel perfect in the hand and the steel really holds an edge well.

They come as standard with a 30­­° bevel, which when sharpened with a 35° micro-bevel are ideally suited to working with hardwoods. I have 1/8″,  1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ as my set, for the work I do it’s the perfect range.

Stanley have resumed production of the 750 bevel edge socket chisels, and they are marketed under the Stanley Sweetheart premium brand. Not as finely made as the Lie-Nielsen variant, but certainly excellent chisels at a more affordable price point.